why littleindian?

All my life,
I have been a jack of most trades,
but never could be a master of any.

I am the champion of the 'also-ran's,
overshadowed by the
more diligent,
more intelligent,
more talented,
more handsome and the
more wealthy.

I have been through downs and ups like a roller coaster.
Been through phases of being homeless, jobless and penniless.
I have looked at life and tried to understand the human minds
from being outside the 'circle'; the silent spectator.

I have never compromised on honesty, loyalty, human rights and the truth.
It has landed me in trouble on more than one occasion.
But I never lost the courage to fight.

Always the littleindian brave, never the big chief, just an other in the tribe.

An Indian from India; born and bred, now lost in the wildness that is the 'west'.

For anyone who may be passing through this site,
my very best wishes to you and your near ones.

May peace always be with you.